Christine O’Donnell

Christine O’Donnell is always a hot mess when it comes to the media.  It is always something with Christine that causes her to have bad publicity.  Getting no publicity is never great so I guess the bad publicity turns into good publicity after all.  Right?  Christine O’Donnell walked off of Piers Morgan’s show due to the brought up subject of witchcraft.  It has been said that O’Donnell was caught on video dabbling with witchcraft.  She walked off of the show which has no sky-rocketing her publicity on Google.  You can only depend on one person to make you look like an a$$ and that person is yourself.  Christine O’Donnell obviously has no problem making that happen.  She has said numerous times that she wants to be taken seriously.  I am sorry, Christin O’Donnell, but you will probably make a mockery of yourself 100 more times after this.


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