Baby Got Back

J. Lo has nothing on YOU. Get that beloved booty today!
Yes – That right there is my motivational sentence. I say this to myself as I walk flights of stairs.
Jennifer Lopez, the beautiful Latina, has a butt we all desire. And apparently, she has the last desirable booty that isn’t filled with plastic, silicone, cookies, or cakes. She also doesn’t have that “cottage cheese” crap that we all dread. But, as we all know, it’s inevitable that the larger the backside the more susceptible it is to have some added moon dents and crevices. Either way, a big butt is beautiful! 






I am willing to share some secrets with you just because I know that the booty is one of the main body parts all women should work on. Always keep in mine that you should never be forced to work out for a man.  Change your body for yourself. It’s like Vera Wang and her dresses; you don’t alter Vera Wang to fit you, you alter yourself to fit Vera. You don’t alter yourself for a man’s approval. If he doesn’t like you then you ditch him.  There are plenty of fish out there that will love you the way you are.


  • Squat it Out

    This is one of the best, yet biggest pain to do when trying to accomplish that wonderful backside. With it working your upper thighs and butt, it can uplift and shape it in no time. 




  • Walking On An Incline
    hiking walking on incline
    You can choose the activity you would like to do but make sure it involves walking on an incline.  Pick a hill near your neighborhood and continue to walk up and down it every day.  Going hiking will also raise that butt up!
  • Wearing Heels To Do Random Household Chores
    sexy red high heels
    Try it, we promise it works. Vacuum in the heels. Do dishes. Heels help build the legs and tighten the booty.  If you didn’t notice, when you wear heels your legs tend to burn more than usual.  This is because they work your muscles more than other shoes.  Just think of it as an extra “step” to getting that tone butt.  Wear heels for exercise but also for sex appeal.
  • Try Different Exercising Methods
    playing tennis losing weight
    It won’t come over night. That’s liposuction and surgery. True exercise is a lifestyle commitment. It’s a marriage that you should not divorce. Finding different exercise routines/activities will help you find desire to actually stay physically fit.  All activities can be seen as cardio activities which is exactly what you need to get a tone booty.


If these don’t work then it looks like you are out of luck.  Just kidding!  You can do it.  We all have faith in you so now you just need to keep your hopes up.  Some people have it in their genes to have a nice butt.  If you are not one of them then you just have to work for it.  Working for what you want makes you feel even better at the end of your journey.

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