Let The Fun Begin!


Mommy…. Look at me…. I’m crawling …


And making a mess everywhere.

Messy Baby


My son turned 7 months this month. This is incredible. Just yesterday I was pacing myself back and forth in the Hospital, screaming it was my Husband’s fault I was a total b—- and in so much pain, and now he is a few months shy away from being a whole year old. In the 7 months time we have crossed many milestones. All of which are documented, recorded, in a Photo book, and in our hearts. The biggest milestones and hurdles we are accomplishing are sitting up by himself and the ever so fun, cute, yet, chaotic… Crawling.

Yesterday, I had placed my son down for a minute as I run to turn the stove top down, juggle the boiling water in the pan, make sure the dinner in the oven didn’t burn, when I heard a bang. (Reader: don’t be alarmed it’s not my son, it’s my precious DVD & CD Collection, thanks Cooper.) I don’t know what it is about babies, and I’m sure every parent can agree, but, he never, ever crawls towards his baby items. I have play mat’s, jumpers, toys, stuffed animals, puzzles, anything baby, but my son always crawls and beelines towards the DVD’s, CD’s, Cellphones, Computers, any and all that is electronic. I understand it may be the lights, images, colors, and all that may attract him but now my personal items are taking a beating. On top of my wallet. It seems that as soon as two people bring a little one into their life, they almost have to reconstruct, reorganize, and relive their lives.

Which is spoken perfectly in this quote I read the other day…
Of course if you like your kids, if you love them from the moment they begin, you yourself begin all over again, in them, with them, and so there is something more to the world again.”

And apparently it only gets worse from here.  I guess that is the fun part about being a nurturing mother. Granted my OCD cleaning is on a level higher then I would ever imagine. But sooner than later it all be a memory and I will be begging my son to bring his messy, adorable child over so I can recreate these memories with my grandchildren..

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