3 Tips To Find Mr.Right, Not Mr.Right Now

Single and down on yourself?

Society has a funny way of playing with a girl’s emotions. Movies and television portray helpless women as pawns who can only be rescued by that heroic man. They meet in some unbelievable place like Rome, Italy, make eye contact and its love at first sight. After a minor bump in the road, a crazy gesture of love by the man, they soon go on to live happily ever after.

If you are patiently waiting for your knight in shining armor, then you better post up with a box of chocolate, some tissues and a good book because I hate to break it you but he’s not coming anytime soon.


Reason #1 – You are not comfortable with yourself.

Tip: Confidence is a women’s best accessory.

In order to have the capacity to love someone, you need to be able to love yourself. No man likes a girl that is insecure and scared to live a little. Ever wonder why men are attracted to the insane party girl who can’t even keep her hair straight? It’s because she keeps it interesting and has the confidence to take over a room. Even if no one is paying any attention to her.

Reason #2 – You’re holding on to something, or someone.

Tip: Time to get rid of the memories.

You and I both know when things aren’t going so well, you often take a Facebook stroll down memory lane. Looking at your ex’s pictures, wall posts and updates is not good for the soul. As much as you say you’re over him, you continue to stalk him. If you’re over then why do you still look at his page?

“Because he was once a part of my life and I will always care about him.”

The funny thing is; he most likely doesn’t care about you. As you spend time looking at his photos, he’s spending time with the girl who replaced you. As harsh as it may seem, you need to start living your life for you. Not anyone else.

So as hard as it may seem, it’s time to clear the skeletons out of your closet. Erase their phone number because it’s not funny to drunk dial or text them anymore. Come on, we’ve all be there.

In order to find a new man, you need to erase the old man. Getting rid of access to him will allow you to stop comparing every new guy to him, and allow your brain to relax.

Reason #3 – Play hard to get.

Tip: Keep the ball in your court. Don’t give them the upper hand.

Everything seems to be going perfect and as soon as you loosen the slack on his leash he seems to break free and run. Most men feel that they’re the lead lion in every pack. You need to break them down fast and easy. Reassure to him that there are a million other men who would be lucky to have the chance with you; even if there is not. Also, always seem busy. Give them options when you’re only free. Too fast and too often women voluntarily change their whole schedule so they can make time for a man. That is fine, but don’t let them know you’re doing it. As soon as they know, they will begin to take advantage of you, and you will become a convenience.

Inevitably everyone wants to be in love, both men and women. When love is right, it’s a beautiful thing.

Even if you don’t agree with the above tips, give them a shot. If you’re still single, it can’t hurt can it?


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  1. KendraLee says:

    I think all of these would work … It’s just hard sometimes


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