3 Easy Ways To Help You Stay Healthy

One cannot determine what is the greatest factor that comes to benefiting another woman’s life. Is it eating healthy? Working out? Life style changes? Could it be all of the above?  Do most women admire and try to mirror the habits of the girl born with the “perfect” body (who we all hate)? We’ve all seen it and we’ve all experienced it.  It seems like we’ve all wanted something else but ourselves? Why do Women always want to change something about their life? They need, they want, and they aspire the next best thing. Well, ladies, this is the greatest tip I can provide… Change. Live. Learn to Love Yourself. That is all.

Now,  you may be thinking, “Um… I do love myself?” I also live.  I actually might live way too much for my own good. But… that doesn’t help remove the spare tire from my waist. It doesn’t help my upper arm skin to stop shaking after I stopped shaking my whole arm five minutes ago. Well friends, then I propose this. We all start together to make one another look and feel better about themselves. You are the biggest reason you are not changing your life. And I’m sorry, coming from a girl that has provided an ear or wisdom for years for her friends, let me say this, if you want to change your life, go out and do it. Stop pushing it to the side, stop binge working out (as I always seem to do,), just stop and make something happen. I propose we will all work out together.

It’s simple, if you are trying to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle you must make the changes in order to do so.

Some healthy lifestyle changes that can benefit you greatly and improve your life, your outlook, your waistline, and all that matters are simple.

1. Change Your Eating Habits

Ever wonder why you’re depressed? Ever wonder why you can’t fit into your clothes? Well take a look around; you see those Cookie jars half empty, see those 2 liters of Soda all around your bedroom floor. Your clothes in piles everywhere. It’s all gross. Just gross. You fill your life with negative matter, you then become negative. If you’ve seen the endless commercials boasting eating healthy. They should now become your friend, not your enemies.
Note: If you start off to “hard,” and changing your habits too fast you’ll be too quick to change your habits back to the old ways. Start slow, eat more snacks and drink more water.

2. Exercise Regularly

You’re standing there; looking at what feels like Terror. It’s early; it’s 8am. You see the flight of stairs or the easy Elevator. What do you take… Of course, the Elevator. Take your butt up the stairs. Walking up a flight of Stairs does so much good for the body. You lose weight in your stomach, legs, you tone your calf muscles, your booty, you will make yourself look good. And after about the second week (more or less dependent on the person), you will feel so much more in shape it won’t be difficult to walk for you.

3. Reduce Unhealthy Life Choices

Woman Smoking
Now to each their own. I am not trying to be your boss.  I’m not trying to be your mother or your father.  I’m simply trying to help. You sucking down on the cigarettes and you drinking all those Beers is not making you look any better. Yes, if you do work out and eat healthy, you can make your body look good. But your insides and the machines keeping your body run do not look alright. I, not being a smoker, will never find the true value of smoking. Once your done, you smell. Your cheeks, fingers, and body begin to turn yellow. Your clothes smell. Your breath smells. You wasted 7 dollars on a pack. Your lungs turn black. You get a hole in your throat…. And I think the biggest thing is you die. The same applies for Alcohol and any other unhealthy life choice you start doing.

So class, what did we learn? As a leader and lifestyle activist. Please, stop crying and start doing! It’s time for a change, today! You are the biggest person holding yourself back. Start doing it slow, walk up a flight of stairs. Eat the extra apple. And put down those god awful Cigarettes. And soon, you will be looking and feeling better then you had before. You deserve it, you can do it, I’m here to support you. Let’s begin our new fabulous lives!


2 Responses to “3 Easy Ways To Help You Stay Healthy”
  1. Alan says:

    One thing I\’d really like to reply to is that weightloss routine fast can be carried out by the perfect diet and exercise. An individual\’s size not only affects appearance, but also the quality of life. Self-esteem, despression symptoms, health risks, and also physical skills are disturbed in weight gain. It is possible to do everything right and at the same time having a gain. Should this happen, a condition may be the primary cause. While excessive food rather than enough body exercise are usually to blame, common health concerns and widespread prescriptions may greatly help to increase size. Thanks alot : ) for your post right here.

    • CaitlinV says:

      No, Alan. Thank you! I’m just trying to give the simple facts on Life, but I appreciate your comment as well! Xox

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