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Woman's Slips

So I am in the office two weeks ago and this one girl walks by with a blue dress on.  It was one of those thin, long sleeve dresses that were kind of made for summer but you might get away with it in the cool fall.  As she walked by I noticed that the dress was pretty much see-through.  Not only was it see-through but it was pale blue and her thong was royal blue lace.  Yeah, I am being descriptive but no I wasn’t sitting there staring.  Those things are just noticeable. (( Almost like a car crash that you don’t want to look at but you end up looking anyway)) That’s kind of disgusting if you ask me.  Some girls must not buy mirrors because you could definitely see all her stuff that you aren’t supposed to.  This is why you should wear slips with your thin-fabric clothing items.

Woman's Slips

Slips can be worn under a lot of clothing items but are usually only used for underneath dresses.  They can stop the cling if your outfit is known to have static issues as well as prevent you from being half naked.  When you have shear clothing you should always wear a slip.  You don’t really want people to see all of your goodies at work.  This is why it is a wise idea to buy a thin slip just in case you come across an outfit that shows everything off.


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  1. Sidney says:

    Nice article!! Agree with you!!

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