TOMS Shoes

Blake Mycoskie is an entrepreneur who is from Arlington, Texas.  He founded this for-profit organization which is now known as TOMS Shoes.  TOMS Shoes was founded in 2006 with an astonishing plan.  That plan would be for every pair of TOMS Shoes bought there would be help given to a person in need.  Children who can not afford shoes can now have them for their feet with the help of TOMS shoes.


Blake Giving Shoes To The Children

TOMS Shoes has taken creativity to a whole different level by using the Argentine alpargata design. They have stepped into another country in order to provide lightweight, comfortable shoes to their buyers and those in need.  The Argentine alpargata design of shoes has rubber or rope soles that make the shoes flexible.  They are asually flat but sometimes have high heels.  TOMS Shoes provides many designs of cotton to choose from.  You might just have to take them all home!


You can wear TOMS Shoes with just about anything.  Many celebrities wear them because they know that it will help give footwear to those in need.  Buying a pair of TOMS Shoes for $30 is the best money you could spend.  The shoes last long, they look awesome, and you send a pair to someone who really needs them.  Check them out on or in a retail store near you.

TOMS shoes

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