The “What?!” Diets

How much fun is it to explain your diet to people?  “Yeah, I just can’t have milk for 7 1/2 days.  But, I can have as much chocolate as I want as long as I stay clear from the mayonaise.”  Seriously?!  How many tricks are you going to fall for when it comes to your weight?  Your friends look at you like, “What?!”  These are just outrageous rules that people put together just to make you think you will lose weight.  They can slap anything down on paper, say they lost 40 pounds from it, then get money from writing a book about it.  This is why I refer to them as The “What?!” Diets.

The Beyonce Diet water cayenne pepper lemons syrup

You won’t catch me doing Diet Pepsi,  slice of key lime pie and 2 triscuits a day diet.  No way.  I need some real food in my tummy.  Instead of trying out all of these combinations that will just make you gain all of the weight back, just eat healthy.  Buy the books that teach you how to eat right rather than the ones that tell you to eat like a mouse from Mars.

It won’t be a big hassle if you plan out your meals each day.  Make a chart and write everything you eat down.  You’re the only one who can cheat with your eating habits.  You don’t need to go on a crazy diet to change your eating habits.

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