Stop Hating Your Big Butt!

So, you have a big butt… what’s the problem?

Love your curves ladies!  Learn to own them.  Walk with power and sass so people will start to follow that big a$$!  There is absolutely nothing wrong with curvy women.  I’ve come to find out that real men prefer it!

Form fitting dresses have that name for a reason: They are supposed to fit your form. (( You can’t fill one of these without curves! ))

Embrace your shape.  There is no need to be ashamed of it.

Now, don’t mistake my support with big butts for support with sloppy butts.  Keep that junk in the trunk tone!  You can’t show off your asset in booty shorts if it’s sagging on the ground.

Let this be your small little pocket guide to a happy new life with your big beautiful butt and new exercises!

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