Saving and Organizing Your Receipts


Receipts just add to the pile of trash in your room.  They are annoying and no one really needs to save them.  The first statement is very true if you are unorganized and the second statement is half true.  Everybody needs to save their receipts.  If your bank messes up the money in your account somehow then you aren’t going to be very happy.  If you have all of your receipts then you will be able to go back and pinpoint the bank’s mistakes.  You wouldn’t like it very much if a server at a restaurant added on more of a tip than you gave them.  Saving the receipt with the tip amount on it could possibly save you some extra bucks if that sneaky situation ever happened.

Organized Folders

When you start to save your receipts you also need to keep them organized.  Instead of waiting all year to organize them try to sort through them once a week.  I always throw the receipts in my car or in my purse.  At the end of the week I take them out and put them in folders.  Each folder is labeled for each month.  All of the folders I have go into an even bigger filing folder that is more like a pouch.  This pouch is what separates the receipts in years.  You can also split them into two categories: work and leisure.  If you need to buy items that are needed for your job then you should always save those receipts.

It seems like a little bit of work but in the long run it is worth it! You will be a lot happier when the time to do your taxes and all of your receipts are in order!

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