Hair Tutorial: Japanese Hair Bun

If you’re anything like me you will love this hairstyle – and by “like me” I mean not a morning person. I’m about as far from being a morning person as you can get, actually. I sleep through almost every alarm, and on the rare occasion it does wake me up I turn it off and go right back to sleep, and most of the time I don’t even remember doing that! This is a problem when I want to look cute during the day, but luckily this hairstyle is a solution to my problem!

The “Japanese hair bun” is a very cute hairstyle that takes only a few minutes to create. I recommend doing this with straight hair to get the full effect, but it will work with curly hair as well. A creative twist to try is to braid the loose, straight hair you would usually just wrap around the bun. Then, wrap the braided pieces of hair around the bun and pin in place for a funky, unique style. Watch the video above to learn how!

Here are some celebrities that love this look:

Whitney Port japanese hair bun

Whitney Port

Vanessa Hudgens Japanese hair bun

Vanessa Hudgens

Cameron Diaz Japanese hair bun

Cameron Diaz

Jessica Alba Japanese hair bun

Jessica Alba

Kate Bosworth Japanese hair bun

Kate Bosworth

Leighton Meester Japanese hair bun

Leighton Meester

Lauren Conrad Japanese hair bun

Lauren Conrad


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