Will His Voice Stop You From Dating Him?

Annoying Guy Voice He’s so cute and your parents love him.  He’s got the body of a Greek God.  He smells like an Abercrombie & Fitch store even after he works out for 2 hours.  There’s just one problem.  His voice…

It’s a characteristic that most girls don’t think about when they are going out at dating guys.  Could you like someone enough even if they’re voice sounded like a squeaky mouse?  What about the nasal sounding ones?  Did you ever think of the type of voice you would want your man to have?

How about the strong, burly, lumberjack voice?  You would always feel protected by a “manly man” if you had that voice talking to you each day.
Maybe you want the soft and sensitive sound.  A voice that could smooth talk a rattlesnake to sleep.  You would always feel like you are cared for and loved because he would sound like he is in touch with his sensitive side.

Mickey Mouse.  He’s a great character at Disney World but when your man sounds like him it’s not as cute.  Start thinking about the way you would want to hear certain phrases in your relationship.  If you guys called each other babe all of the time, try thinking about how you would want it to sound.  A whiny little kid voice might sound wonderful to the ears… NOT!  Check out guys’ voices when you talk to them.  Start getting a feel for the sound that you would want to hear talking to you all of the time.


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