10 Active Ways To Soak Up The Sun

For a lot of people, the only brings them warmth maybe three months out of the year.  Even if you have the heated rays all year round, you should never take it for granted.  Laying out should not be an option when picking an activity that will help you get your tan on.  Be active!  Go out there are work for that sun’s heat.  Here are 10 active ways that you can soak up the sun:

1) Hike A Scenic Route


2) Wash Your Car

washing car

3) Build A Shed

Building Shed

4) Jump On A Trampoline

Jump On Trampoline

5) Be A Dog Walker

Dog Walker

6) Ride A Bike

Riding Bicycle

7) Plant A Garden

Planting A Garden

8) Paddle Boat

Paddle Boat

9) Rollerblade  ((Brooke Hogan does it!))

Brooke Hogan rollerblading on South Beach

10) Pull Weeds

Pulling Weeds

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