Can you believe that Heidi and Spencer Pratt just can’t leave people alone.  First it was poor little Lauren Conrad who was getting the wrath of their devilish schemes and now it’s the new couple Sparah. Spencer and Sarah are the hot new couple in the spotlight and the cry babies (( Speidi )) weren’t too happy about this.  They claimed that Sparah was a rip-off and Spencer wanted Virgin Mobile to pay them for creating their “look-a-likes.”  Check out the post that was put up on TMZ about the feud.

-Virgin Mobile Sparah Heidi Spencer

Really?  You need more money?  I’m sure you have enough money that you didn’t earn to go around the world 6 times.  NOBODY WANTS TO BE LIKE YOU GUYS!  I don’t know anyone who wants to be somebody that looks like a crack-head barbarian and a Barbie who got her face melted.  It’s a fake celebrity couple for marketing purposes.  Get off your high horse and think about what you have done to be a “celebrity.”  Let’s see… Spencer goes crazy a lot in public and Heidi inflates her boobs and hits an auto tune button when she sings.  Yep, that should do it to make you think you’re A-List.  I personally think that Sparah looks more convincing as a happy couple than Spencer and Heidi.  Am I right or am I right?

Virgin Mobile Sparah

The best thing about this feud is that Spencer and Heidi continue to talk to a fake celebrity couple.  What a waste of time.  Then again, they don’t have much going on other than fighting with each other so they’ll turn on anyone that walks in their way.  Oh, the magic of relationships!  The fake one seems to hold more love than the real ones.



Find out about the individuals who make up Sparah by clicking on their Facebook, witter, and YouTube Vlogs.

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