Planet Fitness

The outdoors just isn’t giving you everything you need to get that great two-hour workout in anymore.  Push-ups on the sidewalk are hurting your hands so you are trying to switch over to weight training.  If you need a new gym you should check out Planet Fitness.

Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness is located across the coast from Pennsylvania to California.  There aren’t that many locations open at this time but they are continuing to grow.  The states that are the color purple are the states that do not have any Planet Fitness locations yet.  To find out more information on their locations you should check out their website and see if you can take a tour.


I found out about Planet Fitness today so I have not been able to experience the greatness yet.  To me the best characteristic about Planet Fitness isn’t the great weight machines and treadmills that they have to offer.  The best thing about Planet Fitness is their Judgment Free Zone.  When you walk into a gym you might automatically feel judged if you don’t look like the rest of them.  Who’s the rest of them anyway?!  No one has ever really defined that for me but Planet Fitness has made it clear that everybody is equal when they go there meaning the rest of them don’t go there.


Get your fitness on at a low price, too!  No judging and no high prices?  Sold!  I can’t forget to mention the bathrooms, the flat screen televisions, and the aerobics rooms.  No wonder why the call it Planet Fitness.  It is pretty much a planet of its own.


If you want to increase your muscle tone and decrease the chance of having brittle bones, get to a gym now!


10 Responses to “Planet Fitness”
  1. sid says:

    Looks like alot of fun !

  2. ranae says:

    Nice place to meet people and to get a great woekout!!

  3. Annamarie says:

    Working out using equipment seemss to help me keep my weight down!!! Great article!!

  4. Sam says:

    You can meet alot of different people when working out!! YOUNg, old, men, and women!! : )

  5. Chandler says:

    Great article, Kendra!!! Thinking of joining a fitness club in the next few weeks!!

  6. Marie says:

    I love to work out!! Relieves all the tension in my body!! Y eeea !

  7. sydne says:

    I enjoy going to a fitness center with my friends!! It is alot more exciting workin out with everyone!!!

  8. Beckie says:

    Good article!!!!! Love going to the gym!!!

  9. Jerrie says:

    Working out makes me feel much better after a long day at the office!!! Calms me down!!! Ha Ha! It really does!!

  10. Nina says:

    My husband & I enjoy going to the gym!! Nice article & pictures!!!

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