Have Some ‘Me Time’

Women Drinking CoffeeRELAX!!  I know, I know.  It is an easy thing to say but very hard to do.  You have got to start making time for yourself or you are going to become one big mess.  Sure, work hard and strive to be the best.  I don’t want you to think you shouldn’t BUT at the same time you have to make room for yourself.

Take a Saturday off of life and do absolutely nothing.  Find one thing that you know will take your mind off of everything and go for it.  What do I like to do?  Sit and drink coffee or catch up on some sleep by taking a three hour nap.  I always feel re-energized and less stressed.

Quit trying to make everything so complicated by taking on more than you can handle at one time.  Every girl deserves a day off and yes, that means you.  It is great that you absolutely love your job, your boyfriend, and the social life that you have going on.  However, there always has to be some ‘me time.’  Selfish?  Not at all!

Wake up in the morning and plan to make your favorite dessert.  Baking will relieve stress but it will also keep you busy which is how you like to be.  Basically you would still be ‘working’ but this time on something tasty!  Plus, you can eat it with your friends later so that way you have had your ‘me’ time and can share it with everyone else.

Many women find that yoga helps them find themselves.  Maybe try popping in a DVD or finding an instructional video online and try yoga out in your own home.  It couldn’t hurt to try to have some time of your own!

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