Girl’s Night Out….At The Ballgame

Who says only men can have a night out at a baseball game? There are lots of women who enjoy watching the game *cough*men in uniform *cough* on a hot summer night. The cold beer, the stadium hot dog and the laughter of being with friends – it can be a great time, even if you are a girl. How do you plan a Girl’s Night Out at the ballpark?

You probably need to pick out a night several weeks or even a couple of months ahead of time. Depending on what type of game you are going to and how far away may determine how many friends can go. And with a group, you will want one person to buy the tickets so you all sit together. Once the date is picked, ask who can go and set a deadline for RSVPs. Get the cash up front for what the ticket will cost and when you reach the cut off date, purchase the tickets.

Now, if you don’t live near a major league park, there are other options for baseball. The major league teams have all sorts of affiliate teams out, in medium and even smaller sized towns. These games can be more fun, because the crowd is smaller and the marketing team plans better things to keep fans intrested between innings. And another perk – the tickets are way less expensive.

No matter which route you choose – major or minor leagues – plan for food and drinks. Whether you have a large group that is going down in a limo bus or a few mini-vans tailgating, you need something to eat. If the stadium allows grills and tailgates, then take a few burgers and brats along. Toss in a veggie tray or some fruit salad and a bag of chips and you are all set. A cold beverage or two always helps the meal go down.

Clean up your tailgate and head inside the park to watch the game. Don’t forget to take pictures!

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