Fast Flats For Feet That Hurt

Go out tonight and rock the dance floor.  Dress yourself up and put those high heels on.  That seems easy enough, right? Jump in the cab or the designated driver’s car and get a move on.

Picture this:

You’re in the club and you’re already on the floor dancing before your rest of the crew gets in there.  Two hours go by and you haven’t even gone to the bathroom yet because you can’t find a song to stop dancing to.  Should you jet for the toilet during an old Mario song or salsa step over there when J. Lo and Pitbull come on?  Some song always comes on at that exact “I really have to go” moment that you don’t want to dance to anyway so you are finally free to move about the building.

On your journey through the sweaty people you find yourself having trouble walking.  Your legs are a little shaky but you’re thinking it’s just from standing too long.  You do your thing in the restroom and then come out and sit on a chair outside of the door.  “All right, I’m cool,” you say to yourself.  You stand to your feet and start to walk slowly like a child taking their first steps.  Uh oh!  There is that burning sensation.  It’s coming up through your legs from the bottom of your feet.  It’s so painful that you just might cry.  Everyone is looking at you like you just invented a new dance because you are wobbling sideways back to that chair.  You sit down, AGAIN.  This time you really can’t take it anymore.  Screaming would probably make a scene so instead you just rip your shoes off.  Those high heels won’t be a problem while you’re getting jiggy with it now.  There is just one problem.  Walking around barefoot is not allowed, disgusting, and a good way to catch a disease.

Now what should you do?  If you had Fast Flats then you wouldn’t be in this awful situation right now.  Wait, rewind!  ‘What are Fast FlatsFast Flats are shoes that have been designed by Dr. Scholl to fold in half and fit in your purse.  There are several other brands out there as well so be sure to look for them.  These flats are made to bend in half or roll up and fit in a small cloth sack.  The colors vary so you will always be able to have a pair to match your outfit.  I personally always wear black so finding that color won’t be a problem.  If your heels bother you towards the end of the night then you definitely need to try a pair of these babies.  Keep your feet safe and they won’t hate you in the morning!

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