DRINK RECIPE: Grape Sipper

Grape Sipper drink recipeDoesn’t a glass of cold kool-aid sound good, especially if you’ve just finished cutting the grass or have come in from a long run outside. Or maybe a cold drink sounds good, but you don’t feel like a kiddie version, but something a little stiffer. Here is the best of both world’s – a drink called the grape sipper. It tastes just like grape kool-aid, but it has a little bit of a kick to it.

There are two ways to make this drink, depending on how fruity you like your drinks.

Grape Sipper Version A:


Grape Pucker (schnapps)


In a glass, put ice in the bottom and a shot of the Grape Pucker. Fill the remaining glass with Sprite and stir well.

Grape Sipper Version B (This is the much fruitier version of the drink)

Grape kool-aid made to package instructions


Grape Pucker

In a glass, place ice and one shot of Grape Pucker. Fill the rest of the glass with the kool-aid. Stir well.

If you will be going out to a picnic or concert, the drink can be made in a pitcher to serve a larger crowd. Make the drink one part Grape Pucker to two parts kool-aid or Sprite. Keep lots of ice on hand to keep your drink cold!

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