Dress Like Your Favorite Drink

What are you supposed to do when you run out of fashion ideas?  You want to be creative and different from everybody else at work but you’re losing your touch.  You might be thinking, ‘Well if someone is fashionable then they should always have ideas.’  That’s not always true.  Sometimes you just can’t think of an idea and then when you get frustrated it is even harder to come up with one.  As you know,  there is inspiration for fashion everywhere.  It’s even in the drink you are drinking right now.  Try and actually dress like your favorite drink.


Diet Coke

If you are obsessed with diet coke then you should try and pick out and outfit that resembles it.  A gray shirt, red short, and black shoes.  Choose the colors and then accessorize accordingly.  Find some silver earrings that dangle down and wear a few silver bangle bracelets.
Gray Blouse FashionRed Shorts SummerJessica Simpson Black Heels







Pink Lemonade

If you enjoy an ice cold pink lemonade then make an outfit out of it.  Grab a light yellow tank top, high-waist khaki pants, and a pink belt.  Tuck the light yellow shirt into the high-waist khaki pants and then add the belt.  You will have a summer look inspired by a refreshing summer drink!

Yellow Summer Tank Topkhaki pantsPink Belt








Another drink that you can find some fashion inspiration from is water.  Sure, it’s clear and there’s not much to it but that’s what helps you become very creative.  Dress up a white outfit with some clear chunky jewelry or some fake fashionable crystals.

Clear JewelryWhite Summer SundressClear Jewelry








See how easy it is to make an outfit out of a drink?  It’s almost like matching color to color in kindergarten!
If you have other drinks that you think would make a nice outfit please leave them in the comment section below.

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