Your 10 At 10: Summer Scents, Baby Gifts, and Chicago Dance Music

Yes ladies.  It’s true.
Bristol Palin has had plastic surgery!





















Check out other plastic surgery pictures on the My10online Facebook page.

Your 10

5 Flirty Summer Scents – [Lipgloss Culture]
Personality By Toilet Paper Orientation – [The Frisky]
10 Things To Do Before Your Internship – [Her Campus]
A Vogue Guide To Baby Gifts – [Vogue]
Island Fever: Coconut Oil – [Healthy Bitch Daily]
Footwork: Chicago Dance Music With A Need For Speed – [NPR Music]
Fashion Inspired by The Runway Peacock– [The Gloss]
Lean Body Workout – [Women’s Health]
Weird Spaghetti – [Food Network]
Bristol Palin Admits To Having Jaw Surgery – [iVillage]


5 Responses to “Your 10 At 10: Summer Scents, Baby Gifts, and Chicago Dance Music”
  1. sid says:

    Fantastic articles!! Read them all!! Going to try some of the summer perfumes!!

  2. Lezlee says:

    Nice to look at plastic surgeries before & after!!! Enjoyed recipes too!!

  3. Lala says:

    Great reading material!

  4. sidney says:

    I have been wearing Ciara perfume for over thirty years but I think I am going to sample some of the perfumes you have listed. You never know, maybe something will grab me !!! Enjoy reading your articles!!! : ) 🙂

  5. Nora says:

    Like trying new things! May have to browse by the perfume counter!!

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