When is having fun, too much fun?

Everyone likes to go out and have a good time once in awhile. Whether you go out to dinner and have a few glasses of wine or hit up the karaoke bar with a few beers, it’s nice to let loose and relieve some stress. But when is having over and over again a sign you are having too much fun?

There are several signs that point to when a person is beyond the point of having fun and has a problem. As a friend, you can step in and ask some questions or point out your observations and see what your friend thinks. It’s better to bring out your concerns rather than sit back and watch a train wreck happen.

Signs to look out for:

–          The drinking begins early in the day, much earlier than “normal”

–          Drinking is several nights a week

–          The drinking is not moderated

–          Behavior during drinking changes

  • Inappropriate behavior towards other people
  • Inappropriate actions
  • Unusual behavior

–          Other inappropriate “substances” are consumed

–          Drinking turns in to a binge event

Now, as a disclaimer, there are times when you will have events back to back on a few weekends, like festivals, concerts, etc. Where concern should come in is when there isn’t an “event” planned, just a night out at the bar for drinking. Week after week, heavy drinking on a Thursday, Friday and Saturday is not normal or healthy for a person.

Why the change in behavior? That’s what you, as a friend, need to figure out. Is there a job loss causing depression? A change in marital status? Look beyond the surface to see what might be causing the actions to be what they are.

A conversation stating your concerns might be enough to “wake up” your friend and have them see what they are doing. They might just not have realized what was going on and didn’t pay attention to what they were doing for a few weeks.

Other friends might need professional help. However, if they don’t want help, they won’t change. They have to realize there is a problem and want to get back on track before they seek a counselor and step in to a rehab program.

It takes a lot of courage to point this out to a friend, but that’s what a good friend does. Don’t let them fall down if you can help it.

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