Unleashed: The True Story of a Recovering Serial Monogamist

Brazilian Blowout versus JBF

Between the hair treatment (totally recommended) and JBF hair, take a wild guess which one wins. Tested and retested! You know how I am about my scientific sexperiments. JBF hair (“just been f*&%ed” for the uninitiated) wins almost effortlessly. In fact, it kinda took over and got its own zip code – craziness!


By this point, you also know how I am about my cookies. I am pleased to report that I was gifted at LEAST six of them. SCOOORE! Cookie, cookie, cookie, cookie, cookie, and cookie. And in man-speak, for you sports fans out there, WHAM! A triple double (and then some).


We. Have. A. Winner. Ding ding ding!


Enough of that endorphin-crazed silliness… On to the juicy details. Yekka and I started out the evening at a lovely little Belgian restaurant where we enjoyed each other’s company and conversation. We spoke of his family (German-Jewish descent; his grandfather had a funny feeling about the Nazi party in the ‘30s – lucky them, lucky me!), of goals, politics, friends, everything. He’s one of the older fellows on my list (almost 40), which gives him a decent amount of life experience to share. He’s also a very easy guy to talk to, and about almost any subject matter. Not to be overrated.



After dinner, we continued our date at a wine bar where we sampled different red wines (some of my favorites) – wine always puts me in a very amorous mood. While there, we ran into some friends of his, but got our privacy back again soon after they left. And finally, as the evening was winding down, some kissing finally took place at the bar.



He is quite the gentleman (again, a huge plus). He opened doors for me (restaurant and car doors), helped me with my coat, and paid for dinner.


The only thing that remained on the agenda was dessert.



For whatever reason, I had gotten a funny feeling that night. I’ve learned that it’s wiser to listen to my gut, so I had brought along a small friend that night, my 9mm. Though I never used it, apparently it serves as quite the turn on!



I was given the nickel-tour of his condo, and I have to say, it’s a nice place. However, he’s lived there a while (years) and he’s not completely unpacked… I don’t know what that’s all about. Regardless, we made it up the stairs to his bedroom and that’s where the night began. I’m a big fan of “lick it before you stick it,” and he followed that advice immediately, without me having to ask – good man.



With his mouth? Orgasm! Inside me? I came twice (that has NEVER happened)! Fingered me after that? I simply lost count. Wow. I’ve seriously got the giggles it’s been so long. We woke up a couple hours later and had more fun, but there were no cookies that time. We had another round in the morning as well (I really don’t know if the all-nighter thing is usual with him, but all in all, I had no complaints). One quirk that I did notice: he’s verbal while we’re f*&%ing. Repeats to himself as to just how good I feel and how good he’s feeling (I should be glad he’s enjoying it, right?).


Overall though, it’s really not too distracting though there were times I just wanted to put my hand over his mouth. Instead, I just kissed him – another good way to shut him up while we’re getting down to business.


And boy, what excellent business sense the man has.


Amalie Paris


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