Unleashed: The True Story of a Recovering Serial Monogamist

I’m sorry, what??


I’m a HUGE military fanatic. Enormous. Stupendous. A large percentage of my friends are United States Army, Navy, and Marine Corps (and one Air Force)… and yes! I love love love men in uniform, but when push comes to shove, the reason I love my military men is because patriotism is HOT. These guys put their lives on the line, dedicate huge portions of their life to our country and to my rights. I will do almost anything in support of our military, and yesterday was no different except that it was unadulterated fun!


Yesterday was the United States Marine Corps’ 235th birthday. The Anointed One* and my Marine went to our local military hole-in-the-wall to celebrate. There’s a little bit of history here… I call him my Marine because he and I dated briefly last year (not exclusively but we slept together a number of times – that’s another whole story). We got along very well, but apparently he wasn’t quite ready for it and started hitting on another girl (friend of mine)… in front of me. Not a big deal, I thought, so I let it go, but enough so that we stopped dating. I wasn’t about to be treated like garbage voluntarily. Marine and I still have some residual feelings (a story for another time), remained extremely good friends, and have since each made off-handed comments that we would do just about anything for each other.


Anyway, Marine had been drinking tonight and was slightly emotional (he had been recalled to fight in the war). He came to sit by me on the floor (I was on the couch), and he put his head on my lap and apologized. Going along with the sweetness, I asked him why. His response? He was sorry for acting like a dick last year. That we had been dating, he got a little freaked out about it, and so (as some guys are wont to do) reacted by sleeping with the other girl.


Hold up.


I had not actually known that Marine had slept with this chick, or that he had ‘sort of’ started dating her until this very moment. And now that I’m forced to accept this information, I am seriously annoyed with this girl. Not with Marine so much… My reasoning is that he apologized (granted, it was a year later), but we weren’t exclusive. But – SHE knew Marine and I were dating, and SHE violated Girl Code (when you are friends with someone, there are boundaries, bitch!). She hadn’t mentioned anything to me about being interested, and SHE KNEW I was sleeping with him. I’m not okay with that. At least when Marine apologized (drinking brings out the honesty), he felt really bad, said I was amazing and absolutely adores me. I responded with the truth. I told him that I felt the same way, that he’s an amazing guy, and because I love him (yes, I used those words), he has to come back from Afghanistan in one piece. But at that very moment, The Anointed One came back and the conversation abruptly ended.


Nobody was in any shape to drive that night, so after all the fun, we all went to Marine’s place around the corner. The Anointed One and I ended up crashing there and had a bit of fun before actually getting to sleep – fun with limits, that is. He still won’t sleep with me until I get tested… Sticking to his morals and all. As sexually frustrating as that is (and it’s damned frustrating), I find it pretty f*&%ing impressive. Perhaps it’s because he is the first man in seven months to get me to cum. Impressive again. During our afterglow (mine, anyway), he asked if I was still his “non-label,” and I said “yes, for now.” The Anointed One hides it well but I can read most people pretty well; the boy wanted to know where we stood with the whole the girlfriend/boyfriend thing. Sorry, kid, I’m still not interested in a relationship.


*The Anointed One: Where do I start? The youngest on my spreadsheet, I’ve known him for over two years. He’s also my good friend’s brother-in-law, which causes a little bit of tension and a little more complication. And in a sick twist of fate, the karma gods decided to throw me another curveball. See, The Anointed One is also Marine’s best friend (which I only found out later when I was informed that Marine gave his blessing to him). A higher power must be laughing at me.


We started hanging out regularly several months ago (I vehemently ignore the word “dating”), spending more and more time together. I have to be particularly careful with him since he’s a serial monogamist like me and he tends to get attached, but so far, we’re good. He’s a sweetheart, tall, lanky, dark hair and dark eyes. But the relationship with his SIL is rearing its ugly head; she “warned” him about me and my “summer of fun” (fabulous – *rolling eyes*).


Apparently though, I’m enough of a catch that he was still willing to deal with it. Sweet.


Amalie Paris



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