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Like Flies on … you know!


I’m pretty sure that confidence is a scent that the opposite sex can smell. In fact, the  (soft) science of psychology states there is indeed a second sense of smell that all humans have, and it’s found in their brain. Well, whatever that sense is, it’s been working overtime for me (even though there still remain some days where you just have to ‘fake it ‘til you make it’).


I have gone through so many stages this summer. The first month after breaking up with my ex was difficult – it was weird and awkward being single. My second month, the pendulum swung the other way and I went just a smidge guy crazy, the third month was spent out of the country, bonding with close girlfriends… Now I feel like I am finally finding my footing four months in, learning about relationships, communication, how men think and behave toward women, and being selfish – in a healthy way (I foresee an extension of my Journey). Strangely enough, it feels like it’s been much longer; we’ll have to see what the next two months bring.


Since month #2, I have been constantly hot, bothered, and just plain horny. I’ve learned that once my motor has been turned over and revved, it’s ON. Yesterday was no different, and I gave in to the delicious internal urge by calling my friendly neighborhood f*&% buddy Irish. He told me he was home and, why, of course I could come over to his place for a not-so-quick romp! Honestly, two part question: what guy is going to say no to sex, and what the hell would be wrong with me to turn that down?


Let me just tell you – I completely forgot how perfect Irish’s dick is. How wonderfully big and thick. Just thinking about it gets my juices flowing… Let me take a moment and share some of my unedited notes from my personal journal:


“Yummmmmmm just got me some Irish. What an amazing penis. Oh my god. I have big hands and can barely fit my fingers around it. And I need two hands above each other for the length. Lord help me. Absolutely satisfying. Gets my heart going. And he’s a sweetie to boot. He might be moving to ________. What am I going to do?”


Ok ladies, there are guys that are endowed (score!), and then there are the guys that are endowed and know how to use it (think Hung on HBO). And you enjoy every sacred moment of it so thoroughly regardless of whether you come, and even without the ultimate receipt of sugar cookies. Yes. That’s THIS guy (though there are definitely some negatives: the cookies would’ve been nice since I’m such a fan… and I must note that it’s not in his policy to “go downtown” – total flaw).


But I’ve been sidetracked… It seems that my ever-expanding confidence is rising, and men are attracted to it like puppies and slippers.


Proof: I was unwinding and laying about my bedroom when I was unexpectedly and randomly texted by a much younger guy to whom I haven’t spoken in a bit. It happens that he’s a very good-looking kid (even my mom describes his family as gorgeous) but I always viewed him as my good friend’s baby brother so it’s more than a little odd for me. Odd and quite possibly out of contention. Figured he’d be good at least for conversation, naughty as it is, so I had fun with him (though it was still awkward). Sexting is almost always worth it. It gives you a sexy little secret… And who knows, maybe when I get into my new place I’ll hold a private housewarming party. I’ll just make sure to be up front with him like I am with everyone else: NO RELATIONSHIPS!



I must be exuding this new Eau de Confidence… First, my new hairdresser (who I didn’t mention because he’s taken, but is hot, straight, funny, and sexy). Then, Irish (who needs no introduction). Then Sexy Young One II (who, by the way, shared a very special photo with me, though without asking – impressive). And it’s not even Saturday… Hot Damn. Can I bottle this?


Amalie Paris


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  1. Alexa says:


    I really like this. I think it is something i would think to try and see if i suit it before purchasing though. Might have to take a trip down to the shop and try it on first if possible.

    Thanks for the heads up though wouldn\’t of thought of this if not.

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