Strawberry Lemonade “Adult” Drink Recipe

strawberry lemonade drink recipeStrawberry lemonade is a great drink to have on a hot summer day. One way to make strawberry lemonade even better is by “spiking” it and making it a great adult beverage to share on the patio with a friend, over a grilled dinner or while you are relaxing in the hammock. Just make sure your kids don’t take a guzzle by accident!

The best part about this drink recipe is that if you don’t like strawberries, you can substitute cherry or raspberry in its place. You could also opt to make this a blended drink in the blender if you didn’t want it served over the rocks.

Strawberry Lemonade Drink Recipe

lemonade mix for 2 quarts

2 oz strawberry schnapps


lemon slices

Make a pitcher of regular lemonade – can be from mix or concentrate – according to the package directions.

Add ice to the bottom of a tall tumbler glass. Pour in the strawberry schnapps. Add lemonade over the top until the glass is full. Mix well with a spoon before serving. garnish with lemon or lime slices if desired.

If you don’t like strawberry flavoring, you can also use raspberry or cherry schnapps. You still have your “pink lemonade” look, but the taste will differ.

If you prefer the mixed version, pour all of the ingredients in to a blender instead of a glass. Puree until smooth and pour in to a glass. Enjoy responsibly!

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