How To Make A Poof In 6 Quick & Easy Steps

The glamorous look of a celebrity can take hours to accomplish.  No one really has that time in the morning when you have to be at work an hour after you wake up.  I have created a step by step guide for you to get the quick, easy, and stylish poof that a lot of girls like to ‘wear.’  The best thing about this look is that you are allowed to be messy with it.  We aren’t going to the club here ladies.  We are simply going to work.  This allows us to have a little bit of leeway on not having to have each strand of hair in it’s proper place. Let’s get started!

Step 1
Gather up a chunk of your hair starting from the hair closest to your forehead.  The amount of hair you pull back depends on how thick and wide you want the poof to be.  (That part is up to you.)










Step 2
Pull back the hair that you have chosen to create a poof out of.  When you pull the amount of hair that you want, be sure that each side is even.

Hair Poof










Step 3
Start to twist the chuck of hair to the right.  Don’t twist it too tight or the volume in the front will disappear.  Twist loosely at least once or twice.

Hair Poof










Step 4
When you are done twisting the hair to the right loosely, pinch the thickest part of the twist and push the hair forward.  Don’t push the hair too hard or the poof will split in two pieces.

Hair Poof










Step 5
Grab a bobby pin and push it through the top of the twist.  You can’t push the bobby pin through a lot of hair at once so you will need to use more than one.  This will secure the hair after pushing it forward into place.  Use as many bobby pins that you think you need to keep your poof in its place.
BONUS TIP: Check the back of your hair by looking into one mirror and having your back towards the other to make sure that you can’t see all of the bobby pins.

Hair Poof






Hair Poof











Step 6
Hairspray that stylish messy poof so it doesn’t fall out.  If you want more hair to be pulled back then simply pull the parts that you want back and bobby pin them into place. 


Hair Poof











Now you can o your hair in less than 10 minutes and not have to worry about it looking “perfect.”
It’s the messy poof that is easier than Rice-A-Roni!


11 Responses to “How To Make A Poof In 6 Quick & Easy Steps”
  1. Lauren says:

    Fabulous 🙂

  2. Brynn says:

    This is really nice!! I am always wondering how to do an easy poof in the morning and i never can! Now that i have the 6 easy steps to make a poof i’ll be wearing one all the time : )

    Great article!
    and i must say…a very pretty model you have their : )

  3. Courtney says:

    I love it!! And your camera girl did a fabulous job of getting those close ups!

    • KendraLee says:

      Haha! I must say our camera girl really did do a swell job. Thanks for taking the pictures! You’re hair has enough volume for 10 people so you might not need a poof 🙂

  4. Stephanie Taylor says:

    WOW!!! who would of thought the famous “poof” was that easy!! But it really is that easy, and it is also such a easy great hairstyle! I rock the poof out all the time! I love it! My hair is soo flat, but when I do the “poof” it adds such great volume to my hair! Everyone should try out the poof!

    • KendraLee says:

      Hey Stephanie! That’s great that you are able to make your hair have more volume with the poof. Flat hair is cute but sometimes you want that extra “bigness.”

  5. Stephanie Taylor says:

    Wow! I love the “poof” hairstyle!

  6. Chari says:


  7. Maryanne says:


  8. Nola says:

    Simple to do, Fast, and out the door!! Wonderful !! I will give it a try!!!

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