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Being a fashion stylist, make-up artist, home design expert, business owner, license skin-care therapist, and talk show host is easy, right?  It hardly takes up any of your time.  Totally kidding! If you are wondering who can devote their life to all of those jobs and interests, we have the answer.  My10Online would like you to meet Stacy Cox.  Stacy is an all-star when it comes to being a woman.  She can juggle life’s lemons like it is nobody’s business!  Stacy has made appearances on shows such as “E!” and “The View” which has given her great openings to help people by giving them advice.  Whether it be on home decorating or what eye-shadow looks best, Stacy will always have great advice.

My10Online wanted to ask Stacy a few questions on a touchy subject for all women.  I am not sure what you would actually call the subject but maybe it would be titled something along the lines of: Dating/Love/Hate/Drama/Relationships You can also see what advice My10Online’s Facebook Page has for you but first let’s see what Stacy had to say about the questions that you might need a second opinion on.


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My10: What is your opinion about this particular situation:  A girl asking a guy to marry her.
I think it’s a wonderful option for the right couple.  Society set the trend and convention centuries ago that a man must ask for the woman’s hand in marriage, but isn’t the interesting side to life lend itself to the notion that rules are often meant to be broken?  A girl asking for her beau’s hand in marriage is someone I would vibe as a leader, ready to take chances for who and what she believes in and most importantly someone who know what she wants and is ready to put herself out there to discover if he’s hers for the taking.  Would I ask a gentleman to marry me?  Am I “that girl?”  On my sassy, bold days, I like to think I’m “her,” but truth be told I’m not that bold and would fall on the floor in a dead faint if I misread the situation and the person said “No!”  I’m a cancer, born June 28th, and my sensitive side and fear of rejection plays too strong a role in my personality to allow me the guts necessary to “go there.”


My10: Please give your best advice on:  Approaching a guy that you think is attractive.
In wanting to approach an attractive guy and say “hi,” I think one should arm themselves for “battle.”  Whip out the humor, charm, warm smile and be most importantly relatable.  If you can get someone to laugh or crack a smile about something you said, the ice is broken and physiologically positive endorphins are moving around their body and mind.  They will be more amenable to participating in a conversation with you. I also believe flattery (within reason) will often get you everywhere you want to go.  So if you can tell they are keen on working out, fashion, cars or a particular sports team (and you know enough about the topic to come across intelligent) toss them a compliment and see if they toss the “ball” back.   However remember as attractive as he might first appear, be as good a listener as you are a flirt.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve approached a cutie only to find out that their intellect is lacking and my libido crashes and burns instantaneously.  But I firmly believe you have to “kiss a bunch of frogs if you ever want to find your prince” but before the kiss there has to be a genuine connection physically AND mentally.


My10: If a couple has been in a relationship for several months:  Do you feel that the guy should continue to always pay when the couple goes out?  Is it fair to possibly split the bill sometimes?
I think a lot has to do with each person’s individual financial stability.  It’s always a nice feeling to be treated to a meal regardless of gender.   The most successful relationships are the ones that strike a balance with expectations, effort and sincerity.  If you’re having a slow month financially and your partner is constantly picking up the bill when you go out, do something thoughtful and unexpected that they wouldn’t have time do themselves like washing their car for them, cooking them dinner or baking them their favorite treats and add hand written note expressing your gratitude for all the lovely meals out.  Or, at the end of a meal out, grab their hand and say “thank you for this evening, the next one is on me!”  No one wants their generosity taken advantage of nor to feel like a doormat thus reciprocating with a plan that works for your both seems like the smartest way break it down and avoid any unintended resentment.


My10: Do you feel that it is necessary to text your boyfriend or girlfriend all day long if you live with them?
Oh wow this has at one time been an issue in my household.  You know some days are busier than others and during those productive, busy work times texting can become challenging if you need to remain focused.  I think the best way to handle this conundrum is clear, simple communication.  If you BF or GF is a daily rapid fire texter, the thing to do if you’re having a crazy day is a quick message alerting this person: “Hey Love, having a jam packed day but want to let you know you’re in my thoughts and I look forward to catching back up with you this evening after work!” Something is always better than nothing if your partner has come to expect and look forward to a message from you during the day.  Less sometimes is more, but nothing at all could land you in the dog house that night.   Just be smart about it, don’t do it in plain sight of your boss or colleagues nor while driving.  A girlfriend/boyfriend “daily check in text” isn’t worth getting into trouble over, nor getting a ticket or in an accident.  We probably got so much more done in the course of a day before texting became an option to us all.

My10: In past experiences, how have you been able to tell that the guy is ‘just not that into you?’

A. He says he will call “we’ll be in touch” and then a few days pass and he doesn’t.  I send him a text to say “Hi” and his response is less then immediate.
B. I’m trying to make myself available to him BUT he’s not reciprocating, he’s not doing the same.
C. Painful, long pauses/awkward silences in the conversation, he’s searching for things to chat about
D. Oh and another red flag on a first date is if the guy is more interested in getting romantic with me before getting to know me better first.  It signals to me, this person is a player and not looking to establish something meaningful.


It is always a good feeling to know that you are not the only one with these questions!  Even if you don’t feel the same way about the answers, these questions have probably crossed your mind before.  Thanks to Stacy Cox, we now have great advice that we can all learn/grow from and share with others.  If you have any other questions on this certain subject please leave them in the comment section below.  Don’t forget to follow Stacy (( @StacyCoxBeauty )) and My10Online (( @My10Online )) on Twitter!


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