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Let me just say, “Thank you!”  I am in love with music and I like to make my own songs.  I wanted to fill you in on what Old Navy and are up to that I have absolutely fallen in love with.  You can go to this site and make your own songs by adding vocals, guitar, bass and drums.  There are many different buttons to choose from that you can play around with yourself.  I don’t want to unleash all of the excitement!  If you are not a music guru you will get sucked into this site for the competition.

The competition is between you and everybody else in the world!  How does that sound?  You compete with your beat.  When you go to you will see how it all works.  If anybody loves a good competition this is definitely one to fall into.

Here is a picture of the soundboard  that you can produce music on.  The music that you produce is the music that you will send in as your entry for the competition.  You will seriously have a blast with this!  Keep in mind that all entries have to be submitted by May 12th of 2011.  Have fun!









You can change the strength of each instrument provided.  If you don’t want to have the vocals too strong then you simply slide that particular bar towards the left side of the board.  The four different keys give you the power to pick different parts of the song that these instruments would play.  Another cool thing that you can see on the right side is the Arena Rocker and Tiny Room settings.  You basically get to pick where you are playing at.  I have always wanted that feeling of having my own concert so I chose to set all of them on high to Rocker Arena.

Let’s all give a high five to Old Navy and a high five for having an awesome competition.


Music soothes the soul so let’s all rock’n’roll!


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  1. Dani says:

    I listen to music all day, can’t get enough!

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