May 21, 2011 Is The End Of The World

How many times are we going to say that tomorrow is the end of the world?  Believe what you want, I guess.  It just makes me chuckle a little bit because it was supposed to happen 16 times already.  What happened to us during Y2K?  Nothing.  I sat there and kept eating sauerkraut and kielbasa waiting for all of the lights to go off.  Actually, I’m still waiting.  I sit in front of a computer during the day and think, “This is what was supposed to cause the end of the world 11 years ago?”  I remember hearing something about the clocks not being able to change over to 2000 in the date.  That would cause us all to die?  Not really sure about that one but if I heard wrong please let me know in the comments below.  It’s just my opinion and everybody else has their own as well!  Plus, I have seen something similar to this on CSI before.  The people stayed in this big building and killed themselves together so they could rise up with the aliens that were coming to Earth.  They all died and nothing else happened…

Before Judgment Day comes this Saturday, let’s see what these believers have been up to.



3 Responses to “May 21, 2011 Is The End Of The World”
  1. sid says:

    Hey. Ken!! The day came and went without any specitacular event! Well, actually with me , I dropped a mirror for the tenth time in the bathroom & this time it shattered into a million pieces! While cleaning my ceiling fan/light in kitchen stepstool flew out from under me, landed on my tailbone, missing hitting my head on the countertop by an inch!! I was in shock for a few minutes, managed to roll over and stand up!!! Thank God, nothing worse than some bad burises!! Other than that, pretty good day!!! Love You Kendra !!

  2. Jim says:

    I survived the end of the world, and all I got was this t-shirt.

  3. cj says:

    The big one is yet to come. That’s on December 21st 2012. You know, Mayan stuff and all. My bet is that even this one will prove unfounded. Then there’ll be another and another and, maybe, yet another. The thing is, there actually will be an end of the world as we know it event. And it’s around the corner, too. Too bad when that really happens, not too many will be too prepared. You see, all these failed predictions, one after the other over the years, were designed to numb the senses of us ordinary folks over time. When 2012 come and goes, considering how huge the thing was, most people will be totally unimpressed with any new doomsday prediction. It’ll be a joke, in fact. This is how they want you to look at it. By ‘they’, I mean the evil powers that be who are in control of humanity, i.e, Satan and his demons. Think about it. If such a thing as the end of the world is not given thought but brushed off as a silly idea by most of the world, what will happen when it does? You’ll simply be caught unawares, that’s all.

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