Let’s Go Camping: RV Centennial Cookbook

A long overdue, four day weekend is coming up. Lots of people will head for the mountains, the woods, the lake, the hills or wherever they go when they need an escape. Getting away will mean cooking – sometimes over a campfire or in another vehicle, which might or might not be in an RV.

To celebrate the RVers in this world, a new cookbook called “The RV Centennial Cookbook: Celebrating 100 Years of RVing” was released in April. And this book is quickly becoming a favorite amongst Rvers, campers and cooking enthusists alike. Why?

The book is full of “throwback” recipes from the good ol’ days where it wasn’t gourmet while you were out on the road. You opened up a can of something, mixed it with another can of something, sometimes warmed it up and you had a great meal. But don’t let that sentence fool you – the recipes in this book are highly rated and tried and true for their deliciousness!

The book not only contains recipes used across the country in Rvs of every shape and size, but games for the kids to play and keep themselves entertained. Who wouldn’t love a few technology free games for their kids to play once in a while? The book also has tips for people traveling by RV, those who will reside in a tent or for those hiking across a trail for a weekend.

If you like to try new “old” recipes, you will probably love this book. It has a retro look to it, but is laid out in an appealing, modern way that is easy to read and understand for everyone. And you might want to run out to the store and grab your copy soon…with the long weekend coming up and all you might need to borrow a recipe or two.


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  1. shab says:

    awesome! i was looking this for ages…
    Thanks for sharing

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