Important Ways You Can Keep Sex Safe

Every woman out there should be completely aware of the possible outcomes of unsafe sex.  Ignoring the facts can become a big problem and sometimes you deal with a life-long consequence.

Becoming a mother is a beautiful thing but unfortunately when you are not ready for it, pregnancy can actually become a disaster.  If you know that you and your partner are not even close to thinking about having a baby then you need to be extremely careful during intercourse.

Other issues that can derive from having ‘carefree’ sex are ones that deal with different types of STDs.  An STD, (sexually transmitted disease), can sometimes be cured but who wants to take that risk?  Syphilis, chlamydia, and gonorrhea are three types of sexually transmitted diseases.  Some, like gonorrhea, only take 3 – 5 days to show up in women.  Others, like syphilis, can take days or maybe months to show symptoms.

Here are safe-sex tips that will keep you worry free instead of carefree!

1)  Wear Condoms

I don’t know why but a lot of people are embarrassed to go to the store and buy condoms.  Maybe it’s because sex is mostly looked at as an act of privacy and they don’t want to actually show others that they are doing “it.”  Well, guess what?!  If you aren’t embarrassed to get your freak on then you shouldn’t be embarrassed about keeping it safe.  If you don’t have your man wear condoms because “it just doesn’t feel as good” then you need to buy one of the pleasure party packs.  You still have to be cautious with condoms, though.  There is always the possibility of them breaking, tearing, or getting “lost.”

2)  Take Birth Control

Forget to take your pills each day?  Is that one of your excuses you use when someone asks you why you’re not on birth control?  There are options out there now that would be great for you.  There is the NuvaRing which is a small and comfortable vaginal ring.  The NuvaRing is able to be inserted into and removed from the vagina easily.  You still need to use caution because even though the NuvaRing is a form of birth control it does protect you from HIV or any other form of a sexually transmitted disease.

3)  Abstinence

“What!?!?  You’re telling me that not having sex is keeping sex safe?”  Yes, my dear.  That is exactly what I am saying.  What I’m not saying is to be abstinent forever.  Try just kissing for three months and see how you feel.  Go back to 7th grade and do a little hand-holding.  Not only will this free you from the worrying but it will also bring you and your man closer.  If it tears you two apart… sorry!  You should probably reevaluate your relationship then but that topic is for another day!

4) Ask Questions And Demand Answers

Communication is the key to all relationships and it definitely comes into play if you are sexually active.  If you are attracted to someone physically and mentally then usually you think about them in a sexual manner.  It’s just natural.  When you get comfortable enough with someone then you hit that stage where you want to “be one” with them.  Well, you need to find out if he has any type of STD first or you’ll “be one” with him in a way that you weren’t expecting.  When you start to ask questions, don’t be forceful.  You shouldn’t have to pry the answers out of him.  If you guys are comfortable enough to have sex with each other then you should be able to ask intimate/personal questions.  You see a bump?  Don’t let him hump!  Try and ask as nicely as possible about it so you can get a truthful response.  If you want to know how many girls he has slept with, well, some things are better left unsaid.  You will still need to know if he has been recently tested.  Let him know you’re story, too.  It can never be one sided or their will always be suspicion.


Safe sex is better than no sex but sometimes no sex is better than safe sex!  It is up to you about what you’re going to do when you have to start handling these situations.  If you know the outcomes then you should start making wise decisions now before it’s too late.  If you have any other safe-sex tips for us then please leave them in the comment section below!


3 Responses to “Important Ways You Can Keep Sex Safe”
  1. sid says:

    YEP ! That about sums it up! Great info for all!!!

  2. Krysten says:

    Well-if a condom gets lost in the girls va-j-j then the guy better abstain from sex with her. Wide set vaginas are a clear sign that the girl is a loose goose with a funky chicken. Let’s not forget herpes..the gift that keeps on givin’! GREAT article Kendra Lee

  3. LAC says:

    If only everyone followed along with these tips!! Great information. People need to think before they have sex. Keep up the articles KendraLee 😉

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