Go Get Your Eyes Examined

Have you found yourself squinting to look across the parking lot recently? Or maybe you went to read a book and realized those letters weren’t as sharp as they were before. Oh oh. It sounds like it’s past time for a trip to the eye doctor!

Going to have your eyes examined is probably something you hardly think of…unless you already wear glasses or contacts and have to routinely make the revisit. But if your eyes are thus far healthy and without prescriptions, how often should you get your eyes examined?

If you are generally healthy and don’t have a family history of eye problems, then you can go three years between eye exams. If you notice problems during those three years, however, schedule an appointment sooner and get it checked out right away.

Having an eye exam is doing more than checking your vision. An ophthalmologist can check for the early signs of many types of eye diseases, such as glaucoma and cornea diseases. The eye doctor can sometimes even tell if there is a problem in your brain beginning to develop, such as a tumor. So, the yes aren’t a window to your soul, but your brain!

Children should have their eyes checked each year by the pediatrician or family doctor. Children develop quickly and their eye problems may pop up much faster than an adult’s would. Children might not also recognize their vision is blurry and can be corrected with glasses until they take the “eye chart” exam.

Going to the eye doctor will take about 45 minutes to run through all of the tests. But having your eyes taken care of now can certainly prevent you from having something “big” suddenly develop down the road. Preventative care is always the answer to better health.

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