Girl’s Night Out Progressive Dinner

Have you gotten to enjoy a progressive dinner before? You might not have even heard of a progressive dinner, since it was a popular thing to do in the 1970s and the 1980s, in the Midwest. The idea is picking up some steam again, and it is a great way to enjoy a girls night out together with your friends.

A progressive dinner will require some planning. This isn’t an impromptu thing you can pull off successfully – usually anyway.

What is a progressive dinner? It is a dinner where the different courses are served at different locations. Now, you can do a progressive dinner in one of two ways – split it up between restaurants or have the girls divvy up who gets what dish.

Planning a restaurant progressive dinner can be simple and pulled off quickly if needed. Simply pick your restaurants for the following courses:



main dish


after dinner drink (if desired)

The only problem with doing it restaurant style is that you may have to wait for tables and then count on your waitstaff to be prompt. Unless you don’t mind spending 45+ minutes at 5 different locations.

Another way to do a progressive dinner is to split up the courses between your friends. Start at one house with the drinks. When the drinks are done, everybody then piles in to vehicles and drives to the location where the appetizer will be served. Depending on how long you want to take, you could then add a salad location and an entree location. End off the evening with a dessert spot. The dessert spot can be food only or an after meal cocktail.

Progressive dinners are a great way to socialize with the girls without having to spend a lot of money. You can cook in the house and be as fancy or gourmet as you like. Or you could also pick a theme and be funny, cheap, or whatever else tickled your fancy for the night. Whatever you do, make it a fun night to remember!

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