Girl’s Night Out Margarita’s

girls night out margarita styleWhat do fun people all over the country (and the world) do on the infamous Cinco de Mayo Mexican holiday? Drink margaritas! Even if you don’t go out for a drink with the girls tonight, you can go out and make it a margarita night with them on any other day of the year too!

Setting up a girl’s margarita night can be done in one of two ways: in or out. Determining which route to go depends on your lifestyle, preferences and who ever is in charge!

Does your group of friends enjoy the single’s lifestyle or are there small children at home? When a bunch of the girls have kids, it might be easier to pick someone’s house and gather ’round the island in the kitchen with a blender while the kids play. Make it a playgroup margarita afternoon! But sometimes it is nice to get out and away, so they can leave the kids home with a spouse or hire a babysitter for an evening drink.

Planning an in-home margarita night (or afternoon) doesn’t have to be expensive. Divide up the margarita ingredients amongst the attendees and the host springs for the tequila. Add a bag of chips and some salsa and that’s all that is required. You could go all out and get matches margarita glasses, napkins and even decorations if you want to make it a really big deal!

Girl’s night out in the restaurant or the bar requires no planning. Simply state when and where and the girls will show up with their own dollars in hand to buy drinks. Just remember to keep an eye on each other to see if someone needs a ride home at the end of the night. Call your girlfriend a cab or take them home yourself so you know there will be many more safe girl’s night outs in the future.

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