Girl’s Martini Night

MARTINI ALCOHOLIC DRINKIt’s nice to be able to go out with the girls every so often and get a drink. But when you are trying to be fun and try something new, it can be expensive at the bar. For example, you want to try out a new martini they are offering. You order the drink, take a sip and HATE it! Now what? You’re out a few bucks and still don’t have a drink. A great solution to this “problem” is to make a martini bar at one of your girlfriend’s houses and cook up some concoctions!

To set up a Girl’s Night Out – Martini Night:

– Pick a house to host your party at

– Sent out invitations (if needed) or set up a Facebook invite and let everyone know where/when

– Divvy up the ingredients. To make it cheaper than going out, you can go two ways here. A – Everybody bring a bottle of something from the list you have made up. B – Everybody kick in a set $ amount and you purchase all of the bottles needed.

– Mix and match drinks according to what recipes you can dig up. Make sure to include mixers such as soda, water, garnishes and other items on your list.

– Make some drinks according to the recipes you have or even create a new one or two. Who knows, it just might be the next hot drink to try!

– Make sure to have some appetizers on hand so that no one drinks too much without some substance in their bellies.

– Drive your friends home if they aren’t able to drive themselves.

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