Gallery Of Victorian Women

I love going back in time and finding pictures of what our ancestors could have possibly looked like.  My oh my!  How times have changed.  These beautiful Victorian women look like porcelain dolls.  These images are paintings and real photographs of Victorian women that not only show off their different facial features but also their clothing.  Isn’t it funny how girls these days walk around in shorts that you could mistaken for underwear and these Victorian women have their whole necks covered!?


13 Responses to “Gallery Of Victorian Women”
  1. sid says:

    Loved that era, classy clothes for lovely women!

  2. sydne says:

    Women in Victorian Days wanted to be covered from head to toe. More mysterious for men, right ?!

  3. Leslie says:

    Pretty pictures, great article Kendra : )

  4. Missy says:

    Would love to be back in time!! OHHHHHH! YEAAAAA!

  5. Lisa says:

    Lovely Photos!! Men looked pretty dapper then too!!! : )

  6. Sidney says:

    Hey Girl ! Just so happens my wedding dress was Victorian, right down to the beautiful English Lace! It still looks good today 33 years later!! Love you !!

  7. Ranae says:

    Love everything about the wardrobe of that era!!!!

  8. Sidney says:

    Oh forgot to say that also with my Victorian Wedding Dress I wore a beautiful large Hat !!!! Great Day for me!! HA HA : )

  9. Marlee says:

    Nice selection of photos!!! Wish we were still in that era!!!

  10. Marlie says:

    I liked your article!! I’ll be waiting for some more great clothes pictures!!!

  11. pENNY says:


  12. kARINA says:


  13. kARINA says:

    Loveed , Loved, Loved that era!! Everyone could dress to the nines!!!

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