Friends Improve Your Health

People LaughingIf you’ve ever needed to prove your busy social life was actually helping you, here it is. The Mayo Clinic – yes, one of the most authoritative places on medical research – says having a busy social life can keep you healthy.

Now, they aren’t sayig to go crazy and be up all night, drinking and partying in your social life. What they mean is that by having a close circle of friends who are active with you can be beneficial to your health.

Women especially need close friends so they can share their daily activities with. Sure, they might have a boyfriend, fiance or a spouse, but men just don’t have the same desire to share their thoughts. Men are just hardwired different…so you need a girlfriend or two to spill with each day or week, when you get the chance.

Having fun dates on the calendar also gives you something to look forward to. Whether it’s a couples card night, a movie night with the girls or a shopping trip, any event on the horizon can lift your spirits. Knowing there are fun times ahead can get you through the stress of something at work or the boring routine at home until it is closer.

Studies also show that having friends around to support you in tough times gives your morale an added boost. For example, I had a friend who’s cancer came back after being in remission for just two years. It took a couple of weeks, but with all of her friends cheering her on, we picked up her morale so she knew she could fight the cancer.

Hanging out with friends, whether they are male or female, also gives you a place to belong. When you feel content with those surrounding you, you are content, calm and relaxed. When you are those three things, stress is harder to get in around you. And we all know that stress is one of the roots of all evil – so keeping it away is a great way to keep your health up.

So, the next time a mother, sister, spouse or casual acquaintances comments on your busy social calendar, say you are busy for your health! See what kind of strange looks you can get from them then!

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