Fight Back PMS!

Every gal’s worst enemy at some point or other in their life has probably been PMS – pre-menstrual syndrome. Unfortunately, some women have horrible PMS, while other women seem to skate through those few days with little problems. So, those b!tches can read elsewhere. The rest of us can try and get some tips on how to manage through the dark days and get on to a normal lifestyle.

PMS symptoms can include:







mood swings


breast tenderness


sore throat



crying jags


angry outbursts

Some of those symptoms can be mild one month or severe the next. That’s the beauty of PMS, you never know how bad you will suffer until you are already under the gun of the symptoms! It’s great being a woman….

Anyway, to relieve the symptoms, you can try the following tips:

– Eliminate caffeine from your diet. The caffeine can be the cause of breast tenderness, mood swings and insomnia. Now, some women are even beastlier without caffeine and would rather have tender breasts, so, it’s up to you to make the call on which is worse.

– Boost your water intake. More water might make you have to go to the bathroom a bit more for a day, especially if you suffer from water gain, but it will flush potentially worse toxins (evil hormones) out of your system faster. It will also help with preventing headaches and swelling of the ankles if you have that too.

– Eat regularly. A symptom of your PMS might be nausea, but you need to eat regularly to keep up your energy and prevent you from mood swings. Mood swings can also result from a drop in blood sugar, so eat up. And notice I didn’t say you had to eat particularly healthy here. Make sure to eat what you crave so you can feel good…not necessarily healthy. Chocolate craving? Eat a candy bar and excuse yourself from a good diet for one afternoon.

– Over the counter medicine. If your pain is mild to moderate, try taking a pain reliever. You can try Ibuprofen if you have swelling or Acetaminophen if you have aches and pains. Between the two, most of your pain and PMS symptoms should ease. If not, seek out something stronger with the doctor.

– Consult a doctor. If your pain from cramps is so sever it affects your regular lifestyle, check with your gynecologist. There are prescriptions available to lessen the severity of PMS symptoms if you have them really bad. And sometimes it’s the luck of the draw with hormones – some women need prescription help while others can rely on Ibuprofen to do the trick and get them through.

Just remember, PMS lasts for only a couple days…each month…every year…for 30 or so years. Ugh. I got off track there. PMS is miserable, but can be relieved with a little help from a lifestyle boost or a prescription. You don’t have to suffer…alone.

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