Don’t Ask Betty White!

One of the most remarkable stories to come out of the news last year was the re-emergence of Betty White. Now, Betty never actually went anywhere, she was still quietly lurking and working in Hollywood. But her popularity skyrocketed again when the Facebook campaign started to get her to host Saturday Night Live in 2010.

Betty has since joined another TV sitcom and received much recognition for her work. And look at her girls – the woman is almost 90 years old! If the saying “You go girl” ever applied to anyone, it is to Betty White!

So, to make her incredible life even more incredible, she released a book titled “If You Ask Me (And of Course,¬†You Won’t). This book has hit the Top 100 books on Amazon and reached in to the Top 10 for books by Celebrities. What does Betty have to say that everyone wants to read about?

With seven decades in Hollywood, a lot. Betty offers advice, her point of view and commentary on things like young stars in Hollywood, aging, relationships, acting and a whole lot of other good stuff with her own style of comedy thrown in. Betty provides honesty and a refreshing viewpoint that many of the “younger generation” would like to read about without being preachy.

Betty White has no plans to slow down soon. Heck, she probably has a few movies scheduled, a TV interview, a game show and her TV show to get to. Her life might even be busier than yours – at close to 90 years old!

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