Chicken Pasta Salad Recipe

It’s time to break out some more summer salad recipes. This chicken pasta salad recipe is pretty easy to make and can last for a couple days in the refrigerator. The size of the recipe can also be doubled if you have a family reunion or a party where you need a dish to pass that serves several. A bowl of the salad also works nicely for lunch, as it contains vegetables, protein and carbs to keep you filled up all afternoon.

Chicken Pasta Salad

1 box bow tie (or other type like penne, rigatoni) pasta cooked to package directions

2 cans cooked chicken or 2 cooked chicken breasts, cut in to cubes

1 – 2┬ác mayo

salt and pepper to taste

1 c peas

1 c carrots

1 c green beans

1 c corn

In a large bowl, add the pasta and the thawed, but raw vegetables. Mix well. Pour in the chicken. Add the mayo and stir well. Additional mayo may be required to get the taste to your desired level, as some people like their salad less creamy and others prefer to have it really creamy.

Add salt and pepper to taste when it is mixed. Store in the refrigerator until ready to serve.

Instead of having chicken, you could substitute cooked shrimp, pork slices or even beef pieces.

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