Bug Bites: Prevention and Treatment

With the upcoming long holiday weekend in the US, many of you will be spending a fair amount of time outdoors. And being outdoors in the early morning or the evening hours means = bug bites! But it doesn’t have to! Sure, bugs like mosquitoes, gnats, ticks and even some bees are out now that it is almost summer, but you don’t have to suffer. There are ways to prevent getting bit, but if you do get bit, there are treatments that will make the bite tolerable.

To prevent yourself from getting bug bites, follow a few simple rules:

– Wear clothing to cover up your whole body, including ankles and arms.

– Rub a bug repellent on your skin before you go outdoors. Apply it thirty minutes ahead of time, if possible, so it can soak in to your skin.

– Avoid walking in tall grassy areas and swampy areas with stagnant rain water.

– Don’t carry a lantern or sit near a light source that attracts bugs.

– Change your diet! Mosquitoes don’t like lemon flavor, so eat up on lemons and herbs with a hint of lemon such as lemon grass, lemon basil and lemon mint a day before you go outside. Your skin will naturally emit a lemon smell and keep the buys away.

If you followed all of these rules and still managed a bug bite or to, there are a few tips to follow to prevent the bite from driving you crazy.

– Don’t itch it! Scratching will make the bite itch more, so avoid touching it.

– Apply an anti-itch cream or medicine to the bite area.

– Calamine lotion will soothe the area, no matter if it is a sting or a bite.

When a bug bite gets red and puffy or even turns a different color, you might want to consult a doctor. A spider bite could be more serious than a bug’s and need treatment. Bites that are small, flat, pink or even just a bit raised are usually OK and just require a bit of time to heal. They might be annoying, but it was worth it to get outside and enjoy the weather!

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