Bridesmaids Gone Wrong

The movie Bridesmaids comes out today so we would like to honor different looks of “the bridesmaid.”  Please note that this gallery of dresses should probably never be re-designed or worn out in public again.  Even though the bride should be making most of the decisions when it comes to her girls,  it is still hard to find the right fit, color, and design of dress for all of your bridesmaids.  You all keep looking, and looking, and looking but there is no agreement on any dress.  One of your girls is a midget, a few are of model status, and you’ve also got a redneck in the group.  How do you mix platform shoes, real crystals, and flannel jackets together?  I’m sure there is a way but I don’t recommend trying it.  Unfortunately, these women have made a few bad decisions when it comes to wedding attire.


4 Responses to “Bridesmaids Gone Wrong”
  1. sidney says:

    Oh my Ken, we would never see you in anything like these dresses! Wow!! Not attractive at all!!!

  2. Clarie says:

    Don’t think you would be caught in something like this!! Would have to pay you a million bucks!!!

  3. Jenny says:

    What was the bride thinking????? But you in the dresses, would look beautiful!!! You would make a paper bag look fabulous!!!

  4. Jackie says:

    Not a very good choice !!! How can any dress be so blah!!! Ha ha! We won’t see that in your wedding!

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