Awesome Idea: Inspiration for Girlfriends Book

Life is hectic these days. There’s just no way around it. We spend our free hours running to and from practices, to scouts, tryouts, games, rehearsals and whatever else is on the calendar for our OWN agenda. When the calendar is full of multi-colored ink times and places, sometimes you forget where you are in life. With the help of this book, called The One Year Book of Inspiration for Girfriends: Juggling Not So Perfect, Often Crazy, but Gloriously Real Lives, we can remember to stop and smell the roses!

Whew – what a mouthful for a title. But it’s true.

The book offers an inspiration a day for one year on how to keep it all together.  It touches on topics in a spiritual fashion, but doesn’t throw religion in your face. The Girlfriend’s book offers some tips and guidance on things such as raising kids, relationships, money matters and balancing work and life. (Is it possible?)

Scripture is involved with getting the point across on whichever topic is being covered. The tips aren’t in a preachy fashion, but toned down to match today’s crazy lifestyles. Sure, we’d like to be less busy and have idle time to sit around often, but it doesn’t happen much. We’re involved in churches, schools, community organizations, sports…and that’s the way it is. Life.

The Girlfriends book helps us to deal with it. Reviewers are so pleased with this book, that many have gone out and purchased more copies of the book for their friends. How about running out and getting your own copy…so you can cope just a smidge better each day.

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