Your 10 At 10: Engagement Chicken, Minimize Your Pores, and Emo Music

















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Your 10

Minimize Your Pores – [Lipgloss Culture]
NYC Cop Allegedly Raped A Woman – [The Frisky]
10 Ways To Save Money In College – [Her Campus]
Sopping Guide: Killer Cuffs – [Vogue]
Menstrual Cups Kick Tampons And Pads To The Curb – [Healthy Bitch Daily]
What Comes First? Teen Depression Or Emo Music? – [NPR Music]
Lipstick Diaries – [Refinery 29]
The Deadline Diet – [Women’s Health]
Last Cake Standing – [Food Network]
Can Poultry Out A Ring On It? – [iVillage]

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