Unleashed: The True Story of a Recovering Serial Monogamist – Irish Guy

G-d Bless the Irish


I keep adding to my Excel spreadsheet (it ended up being a really good idea)… Everyone likes variety!


Guy #5: Irish. Irish has been a friend of mine for quite a few months now. He is extremely easy to speak to, smart, sweet, and funny. I’ve always thought he was really cute, and to top it off (for me), he’s got short, spiky blond hair and these gorgeous green eyes (I’m a sucker for beautiful eyes). At the beginning, we would flirt lightly with each other and have serious conversations at coffeehouses, but one night I got bold (after thinking about him in some very particularly wicked ways). When he asked me if we were going to hang out soon and what I wanted to do, I responded…




Offer accepted. Thus it began.


Two nights ago, I had Irish come over and we slept together for the first time. Even on sleep medication (it was the middle of the night when he made it over), it was really good for me. In the interest of truth, I am forced to say that even if he didn’t have talent, even if he didn’t know how to properly grind into and possess a woman, he would be near the top of my list. Seriously, he couldn’t NOT be; the man is very well-endowed. Very. The biggest I’ve ever enjoyed. And a beautiful shape that fits just right, fills you up, and then some. Who knew that a beautiful penis would end up being so impressive… (I’m an artist – I really should have known). But hell, I am a perpetual student; I love learning new things.


The next morning, due to the sleep meds, I got slightly nervous that it wasn’t good for Irish (I want the guy to enjoy it as much as I am – that’s the point of a f*&^%-buddy and genuinely liking who you’re sleeping with). As I put more thought into it, I had to remind myself, THIS IS MY SUMMER OF NO GUILT.


Now, I may be an artist, but I’m also very literal and left-brained (and I think too much, the wretched curse of a woman). So I had a slight logic problem. My thoughts for the entire next day went like this: If it’s good for me, I want it to repeat (and repeat and repeat). Thus, logically, it has to be good for him as well. Practicality and rationality wins! I have to make sure the sex is very good for him as well. Lucky for me that I enjoy a good, solid, heavy-duty tool. Makes everyone happy.


Since Irish is a pretty big guy, I am still a wee bit sore; he said he was too. In the effort to make this work, we’ve decided that we will use more lube (or at least utilize more hardcore foreplay) when we do this again. Otherwise there will be chafing, a definite no no. I’m excited though – there’s a WHEN we do this again, not an IF. Even better, in between our sessions (when I get to experience that unyielding yummy firmness), he sends me very impressive picture messages that any artist would appreciate. Sorry girls, but I’m keeping that luck o’ the Irish all to myself.


Amalie Paris


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