The Recurring Headache: Worrisome or Annoying

The pounding in your head is getting annoying! You can’t concentrate, you have no motivation and you just want to lay down until it goes away. Does this sound familiar when you get a headache? Sometimes a headache is brought on by nothing more than stress, hormones or a change in the weather outside (yes, that really happens!). Other times, there are some indicators that your headaches are more serious and should be checked out by a professional.


There are many types of symptoms that accompany a headache. You might get one or two or you might have several of these symptoms. The severity of each symptom can also vary.

With your headache, you may also experience:


blurred vision

pounding head

neck pain


intolerance to noise, light or smells



Now, if you had a late night out the day before and some alcoholic beverages were involved, you might be suffering from nothing more than a hangover. If you have a lot of stress in your life, chances are that you are the victim of a stress or tension headache. But how do you know when a headache is more serious?

When to Consult a Doctor

headaches that don’t lessen with pain reliever medicine

headaches that appear regularly, without a known trigger

severe pain in the neck

headaches that result in numbness in the arms or legs

dizziness, blurred vision or speech problems occur with headache

Take a trip to the ER or get in to visit your doctor as soon as possible. The causes for a severe headache could be from a serious disease you have recently contracted. A headache could also indicate a medical condition that needs treatment.

Causes For “Normal” Headaches

eye strain

hormone changes



lack of food

loud noises

weather changes in the atmosphere (pressure drop)

Possible Causes of Severe Headaches



strep throat

Lyme disease


brain aneurysm

A doctor can take your vitals and run a few tests to get a baseline in your levels. Sometimes X-rays and blood are taken to get more details on what might be going on with your situation.

The doctor can also prescribe medicine to make the headache pain and symptoms lessen. Take the medicine exactly as directed so you can get relief from the pain.

When no “cause” for your headaches is found, the doctor might keep a close eye on you and have you report back when it happens again. You might be the unfortunate person that suffers from migraines, which are severe headaches that have no real known cause. There is prescription medicine available to control the pain and onset of the headaches.

If there is a cause found for your headaches, the doctors will work with you on a diagnosis and get you in to see the specialists who can care for your condition properly, of needed.

When you have recurring and very painful headaches, it’s always best to err on the side of caution and make a trip to the doctor. It’s always better to be safe, rather than sorry later on.

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