Revlon Run/Walk For Women

Get on your walking or running gear and start practicing for the Revlon Run/Walk For Women.  “What is that?” The Revlon Run/Walk For Women is a 5k (3 mile) marathon that people participate in and their donations go towards cancer research.  This marathon is full of cancer survivors, supporters, and those who walk in honor of women who have passed away from cancer.  You can be any age, shape, size, and color to enter into the marathon.  Many celebrities donate money and also can be seen participating in the actual run/walk.
Jimmy Falon is pictured below with one of the run/walk teams.  













Thousands of women are diagnosed with different types of cancer each year.  Breast cancer alone has over 200,000 new cases.  It is the cancer with the highest number of women in its category every year.  Thousands of women are also diagnosed with Uterine, Cervical, and Ovarian Cancer.  Every body wants to be a hero and it doesn’t take special powers like Superman to become one.  Just by entering into the Revlon Run/Walk For Women your wonderful registration of $35 is more than any one could ask for.  If you are unable to make it to the race then you will always know that your money went towards a great cause.  Actually participating will get you a free t-shirt that shows your heroism.  Many of those who register early can receive a Revlon Run/Walk For Women bag along with their shirt and other cool items.











There is no such thing as a late registration or a deadline for the registration.  You can go to the run/walk and sign up right there on the spot.  The gifts are not a guarantee but you will feel satisfaction knowing that you made it to the run/walk.  I am participating in the one in Los Angeles with my boss and co-workers.  We are representing a guys team, The Ego Maniacs,  and a girls team, Glitteratzi.  We are also sponsoring a cancer survivor.  To find out more about the cancer survivor that we are sponsoring, read next week’s article which will be all about our wonderful lady!

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