Nightgowns DO Have Sex Appeal

You hear the word nightgown and you automatically think of a Grandma.  Why is that?  Maybe it’s because we grew up watching the older women around us wear those moo-moos with the fuzzy cats on the front.  Could it be because of how our mom’s portrayed the “nightgown look?”  Wearing long pastel frocks that just touched the top of their non-matching slippers?  Don’t get me wrong, moms’ have it going on but this whole nightgown thing is gaining a bad reputation.

When guys hear you say, “Hey Babe, I’m going to put on my nightgown,”  they probably cringe at the thought of what might come out of the bathroom.  That’s why you have to show them what’s up!  Change into that short little nightgown with the built-in bra.  Push the girls up and make sure the nightgown is form fitting.  Even if the pattern is ‘cutesy’ it will still make you look sexy.


One Response to “Nightgowns DO Have Sex Appeal”
  1. Lauren says:

    So…are moo moo’s not acceptable??

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