Look Great When You Feel Horrible

We all have those days when we wake up, roll out of bed, and smell.  It’s only natural.  You’re sick and have been in your bed for two days so you are bound to obtain some sort of stench.  Your hair isn’t looking so hot either.  It’s sad that your neighbor can’t tell if it’s you or your pet Newfoundland.  Still feeling groggy, you try and pick out an outfit and think about how you are going to tame that wild nest on your head.

You need to start off this day by simply looking on the bright side.  Jump in the shower and get clean without washing your hair.  No matter how matted down your hair is to your head, at least you still have it!  Fixing your strands is easy.  Brush your hair back into a pony tail, spray the stragglers, and put a headband on.  Now it is all out of your face and your oily roots are covered.

Bags and sags under your eyes?  Nothing that you can’t fix.  If you have a flat makeup brush and liquid foundation then this can be taken care of in no time.  Put a small dot of the foundation onto the brush.  Start from the inside corner of your eye and slowly sweep to the other corner.  Then, pat the foundation with the brush until it is rubbed in.  You don’t want to have a two-toned face.  (That would make you feel even worse!)  If you have to, rub it in with your fingers.  Game over for those bags!

Eating a big, healthy breakfast might sound like something your parents used to tell you.  Well, they were right.  You won’t feel energized until you get some food in you.  Sit down and eat a combination of fruit, grain, and dairy.  Try having two eggs with melted cheese on two slices of bread.  A banana can be your “dessert.”  Notice I said SIT DOWN. Relax while you eat and take your time.  Eating slowly will allow your body time to digest and then you won’t be hungry as much as you normally are.

Now that you have gotten rid of your odor, beat the frizz, hid the dark circles, and nourished your brain, you should be feeling a lot better.  Maybe you still feel sick but I assure you that you will be happier with yourself.  This will make you want to step out of the house and finally get your life back in order!


One Response to “Look Great When You Feel Horrible”
  1. sid says:

    Great article and so true! Best thing to do, get out of bed,shower, have a bite to eat, but don’t wolf food down,eat slowly! then off to a great day!

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